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Jakarc Dt*,cu L T:r-I of hurting. To please her, some of

youths go fcr Jlic hunt rest morning. They take with them

hunting equipment. The -semen bid them a uann farewell invoking

the Jakara Dexatcf? grace for the success of their hunt.

\ouc r.:en ha", f a tcreh task.   They cannot return

*"                *u^                                                        *'"'                                               "*

home empty handed.   The wciner. vculd abuse Item and send

*                                        _

back, jeerirg and kiLgfcag.   The women would  call them


At sun  down when the youths return, carrying the catch

of their hunt a dead rabbit or  common crow or other wild

animal thev are sh en a warm reception bv the girls. The hunt

*                 C                                                       I,                      "                      t 

has beea^a success. Konda Jakara would be pleased. She would

gladly give her blessings to the brave youths, the girls, the men and

the women,

The trophv is pet on an improvised pedestal with a long

JL             *                          jL                                                                                          *                                                              *"                                                                                                                                                       ^^

pole. The men carry at as a pa!erquin en their shoulders. The

procession, vith men and we men singing and dancirg gaily, moves

to the Chiefs residence.

The triumphant youths bring their trophy to the Chief and

demand a heavy price. In a spirit of sportive jocularity, the

Chief calls it a puny animal. The youths retort claiming that they

hunted it with much courage. After some dilly - dallying the Chief

dffers them a cash gift. -The youths argue that the amount is too

low. After much'haranguing: a figure is agreed upon, and the

youths^ accept the cash. The Chief then praises them for their

yaloor and heroism. The money is used to buy liquor. They

drink together with marriment and noise.

The entire village joins in the mirth that Bight. They

txpress their satisfaction. The youths had been valiant. Jakara

festival has been a mighty success, Their joy knows no bounds^

Time and again, words of praise are showered on the brave youths.

Jakara Devata has b^ea propitiated lira fitting'maniier.